Tibet Society has written to >1000 #GE2017 candidates to #VoteTibet2017 Pls Support & Donate Today

Tibet Society is funded by donations. Support #VoteTibet2017 Please Donate Today http://www.tibetsociety.com/content/view/607/#donate 

Tibet Society has written to over 1000 #GE2017 candidates to #VoteTibet2017 Pls

Please consider supporting our work, this is a snap election in the UK so our need is urgent. We are campaigning with #VoteTibet2017 We are doing this with committed volunteers and asking supporters to contact their prospective candidates. This is real grassroots activism.

If we had more money we could communicate our message more and mobilise more supporters … we would love to experiment with some social media advertising. £10 could help us reach 3000 more people using adverts on twitter or facebook.

Please click on our link and Donate via paypal – Please support Tibet Society and help us to keep Tibet alive! if you can. Please take action and join our campaign, if you can support us with money that is great, but please do take this chance to support Tibet!

The 2016 Brexit vote means a significant change in the relationship of the UK to the Chinese government. Trade will be the priority, Tibet will not.

The challenge for Tibet Society is therefore to see that in the new Parliament of 2017, Tibetans are not forgotten as they struggle to protect their culture, religious freedom, and fragile environment.

VOTE TIBET 2017 #VoteTibet2017

Tibet Society is calling on our members and supporters in the UK to help us gather pledges from parliamentary candidates to support human rights for Tibetans in Tibet.
Ask your General Election candidates to pledge support for Tibet. This is our opportunity to build parliamentary support for Tibet.
The candidate’s pledge
“I will use my position as an MP to support human rights for Tibetans in Tibet including the freedom to determine their own future.”
Take Action!
Find your parliamentary candidates (see https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/ )
Ask them to pledge support for Tibet via email, twitter or facebook
Let us know who has pledged – email us at info@tibetsociety.org and share on social media using #VoteTibet2017
If you need help identifying your candidates, message or email us.
Thank you ཐུགས་རྗེ་ཆེ་།
https://twitter.com/votetibet   @votetibet
https://twitter.com/tibetsociety  @tibetsociety

#VoteTibet2017 #VoteTibet #TibetSociety #GE2017
#VoteTibet2017, #VoteTibet ,#TibetSociety ,#GE2017

Donate to Tibet Society
Tibet Society is funded primarily by donations and memberships. Your support will help us to continue our work to end the plight of Tibetan people, through lobbying, campaigning and awareness-raising.

Please support Tibet Society and help us to keep Tibet alive!

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About tibetsociety

Founded in 1959, within weeks of the flight of the Dalai Lama from Tibet following the uprising against China's occupation, Tibet Society became the world’s first ever Tibet support group. Today, Tibet Society continues to work for the freedom of the Tibetan people and their right to self-determination. http://www.tibetsociety.com/content/view/607/35/
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