Beijing’s global soft power push sees Daily Telegraph use Chinese propaganda on occupied Tibet

Daily Telegraph carrys Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece China Daily in lucrative sponsorship deal. The UK media is a target of Beijing’s global soft power push as The Telegraph has a lucrative sponsorship deal for the China Watch supplement, which carries articles from the Chinese government’s official English-language newspaper China Daily. Although it carries the disclaimer: “THIS CONTENT IS PRODUCED AND PUBLISHED BY CHINA DAILY, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, WHICH TAKES SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITS CONTENTS”, it is headlined “Preservation push pays off in pristine Tibetan plateau area” and “Environmental efforts improving lives in Tibet.”

In a bid to improve its international image, China has aggressively beefed up propaganda abroad and invested heavily in the state media’s foreign-language divisions, which target foreign readers and audiences.


The text clearly shows it is part of Beijing’s global soft power push to insert or even embed propaganda materials into foreign publications via various cooperation and partnership deals.

“State-financed ecological policies work in tandem with growing tourism industry to bring prosperity to the Autonomous Region of Tibet.

The Tibet Autonomous Region in Southwest China has been making great progress in preserving its environment and pursuing sustainable development in recent years. The autonomous region’s environmental protection efforts have won great support from the central government, especially after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012.”

Tibet should safeguard its ecological security and maintain its role as the country’s water tower, President Xi Jinping said at a seminar in January 2015, when he was talking to Nan Pei, Party chief of Tibet’s Shuanghu county. Ecological damage cannot be compensated with economic gains, he said.

Wu Yingjie, Party chief of Tibet, urged the autonomous region’s officials to bear in mind that protecting the environment is protecting productivity and improving the environment is promoting productivity. “We should guarantee that the green mountains, babbling brooks and fresh air remain in Tibet,” Xinhua quoted him as saying.”


China Watch supplement is also circulated with the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal in the US and several other newspapers around the world.


“China Watch” section on the website of British newspaper The Daily Telegraph

It is also circulated with The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal in the United States, The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, Le Figaro in France and several other newspapers around the world, according to a China Watch article.

In August 2016 the Mail Online  quietly went into partnership with the People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist party’s flagship newspaper, swapping up to 40 stories a week over the past year with an outlet expected to demonstrate “absolute loyalty” to Beijing.

A paper with a seven decade history as China’s official mouthpiece might seem an unlikely partner for a conservative-leaning British tabloid, but as well as serving as messenger for edicts from Communist party technocrats in its stolid Chinese-language edition, the People’s Daily presides over a growing empire of publishing outlets.

Private Eye reported in October 2016 that the content-sharing deal was signed by the paper’s owner, Lord Rothermere, on a trip to China last March. He was only granted a meeting with the Chinese newspaper’s deputy editor-in-chief.

People’s Daily stories are selected and translated by a Mandarin-speaking staff member, Clarke said, and their origin is marked with the tag “This story was produced in partnership with The People’s Daily –”.


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