“zero tolerance” #Chinese crackdown on “hostile forces” in Tibet, including, “pornography” in buildup to Party Congress International Campaign

China’s continued crackdown on any form of dissent in Tibet continues with #zerotolerance crackdown on ‘hostile forces’ in Tibet in buildup to Party Congress

In an already oppressive political environment, restrictions on media, culture and communications in Tibet have been stepped up in the buildup to the 19th Party Congress, due to take place in the fall a crackdown on “illegal activity” has been launched in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) in order to tighten security and ensure compliance to the Party state prior to the important Party meeting in Beijing, which could be held as early as October. The official report mentions that further actions will be taken to “prevent […] problematic information distributed by Dalai Clique and other Western hostile forces and track down online circulation of negative information, hyper-speculation and rumors.”


“The masses of cadres and cadres of all ethnic groups in the region unswervingly carry out the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, and ideologically follow the standards and actions on the table, followed by the firm and firm implementation of the CPC Central Committee. ”


The crackdown is aimed at targeting both pornography and ‘illegal activity’, according to Tibet Daily on July 28, in order to “safeguard national unity and social stability”. The real target is clearly political, with the article specifying the importance countering “Tibetan independence propaganda” and specifying particular measures of control over the internet. The article stated that the drive is in order to maintain a good “social and cultural environment” for the 19th Party Congress.
The measures include an intensification of supervision over “all kinds of illegal cultural products”, a reference to increasing controls over music, publishing and printing. Already there are tight measures in place across Tibet to eliminate any books or materials mentioning the Dalai Lama, who is specifically mentioned in the Tibet Daily article as a target. The report also refers to “the field of news media and publishing” in order to ensure no publication of “harmful political content.”
In Tibet today, almost any moderate or mild assertion of Tibetan culture or identity can be characterized as ‘criminal’ or ‘splittist’. Tibetan pop singers have been imprisoned for such references, but bans have also been applied to songs and books without overt or obvious political content. The new ruling states that the Chinese authorities will “strengthen the supervision of music and dance entertainment programs” according to Tibet Daily.

The Communist Party of China Tibet Autonomous Region Representative Conference was held in Lhasa on June 27 and elected deputies by “secret ballot” to the Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China to be held in Beijing in the second half of 2017.
“The representative meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Tibet Autonomous Region should represent 343 people in line with the stipulated number. ”

The Standing Committee Standing Committee of the Tibet Autonomous region. 自治区党委书记吴英杰出席会议并讲话。include  Wu Yingjie, secretary of the regional party committee, 自治区领导齐扎拉、庄严、罗布顿珠、旦科、王拥军、曾万明、姜杰、边巴扎西、何文浩、白玛旺堆、房灵敏出席。 Autonomous Region Leader Qi Zala, Wang Yongjun, Zeng Wanming, Jiang Jie, Bian Bazha, He Wenhao, Bai Ma Wang, Lingmin 


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