#TibetWater Petition @LFC #LFC #LFCTSG #TSG https://www.change.org/p/liverpool-fc-call-on-liverpool-fc-to-terminate-its-deal-with-chinese-company-tibet-water-resources-ltd #Liverpool #DASERSTEMAL #Hoffenheim @achtzehn99_en ‏@achtzehn99 #championsleague, uefa, #uefa, #uefachampionsleague, #UCL

Tibet will never walk alone! Sign petition @LFC #LiverpoolFC to cancel #TibetWater deal http://bit.ly/2vlbncG Wednesday 23rd August 2017  CHAMPIONS LEAGUE #LFCTSG #TSG https://www.change.org/p/liverpool-fc-call-on-liverpool-fc-to-terminate-its-deal-with-chinese-company-tibet-water-resources-ltd #LFC #Liverpool #DASERSTEMAL #Hoffenheim @achtzehn99_en ‏@achtzehn99 #championsleague, uefa, #uefa, #uefachampionsleague, #UCL

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Tibet will never walk alone! ,Sign petition, @LFC, #LiverpoolFC , #TibetWater ,deal, http://bit.ly/2vlbncG  ,#Hoffenheim ,@achtzehn99_en, ‏#TSG, @achtzehn99, Wednesday 23rd August 2017,  CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, #championsleague, uefa, #uefa, #uefachampionsleague,  away match. ,  #TibetWater Awareness #LFC @LFC, #LFCTSG #TSG #DASERSTEMAL #Hoffenheim #TibetWater Awareness #LFC @LFC, #LFCTSG , LFCTSG, LFCvTSG, #LFCvTSG, #DASERSTEMAL ,#Hoffenheim
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Tibet Water Awareness #TibetSociety & Tibetan Community UK #TibetWaterAwareness Campaign #TibetWater #TibetsRiversAsiasLifeline #waterbottlecampaign @tibetsociety #KeepTibetAlive #Liverpool #LFC


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“The match is yet to begin and Liverpool has already conceded a goal. It is an own goal by Liverpool FC to deal with a Chinese commercial company that exploits Tibet’s resources. Liverpool Football Club must understand the sufferings and sentiments of Tibetan people. Partnering with Tibet Water Resources Limited is like endorsing the occupation of Tibet and agreeing with treatment of Tibetans by Chinese regime”, said Pempa Lobsang, the chairman of the Tibetan Community in Britain.
TCB’s Spokesperson Tenzin Tashi la explains “Liverpool FC should know that China occupied Tibet by force and Tibetans are facing worst human rights abuses in the world. I urge Liverpool FC’s Commercial Department not to trade human rights for commercial gain. I don’t want Liverpool FC to be a partner in crime in abusing human rights of Tibetans”.
They added: “Tibetan Community in Britain will hand out leaflets to supporters to explain the true situation of Tibet and Tibetans under Chinese occupation. Liverpool FC cannot be approving occupation of Tibet and the treatment of Tibetans. TCB demands Liverpool FC to stop befriending blood stained hands of Chinese companies who are committed in exploiting Tibet’s’ resources and abusing human rights of Tibetan people.”
Tibetan Community in Britain demands the termination of this unholy and unethical partnership in torturing Tibetans further and save long standing reputation image of the club.


Tibetan Community in Britain circulated an online poster for their water bottle campaign for Tibet water. Photo: TCB

Thupten Dompo – Indus river

Pempa Lobsang – Tibet Water Awareness
Chairman of Tibetan Community UK has launched Tibet Water Awareness Campaign.


Tibet Water Awareness @TibetSociety & Tibetan Community UK new #TibetWaterAwareness Campaign




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About tibetsociety

Founded in 1959, within weeks of the flight of the Dalai Lama from Tibet following the uprising against China's occupation, Tibet Society became the world’s first ever Tibet support group. Today, Tibet Society continues to work for the freedom of the Tibetan people and their right to self-determination. http://www.tibetsociety.com/content/view/607/35/
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